The Service

Caractéristiques de la boite email Ecomail


Ecomail is a smart email inbox and act for the environment

Ecomail is an email service for everyone, private and professional. The specifications are as follows :

  •  5 GB of disk space
  •  2 GB of Cloud disk space
  •  Roundcube to visualize your emails on a web page
  •  Agenda & Tasks with Owncloud
  •  Access IMAP / SMTP outline for your messages software.
  •  Strong AntiSpam & anti-virus for the logging-in and out by SpamExperts.
  •  Community interface.
  •  Help notification to reduce mails pollution.
  •  12€ all tax inclusive per year, 1 month free trial . (50% of the revenues are reinvested into projects for the environment and 50% for Ecomail's operating expenses. - Understand the project et see the actions)
Le tableau de bord d'Ecomail

In total transparency

Ecomail is a smart email service which advises you when your emails inbox is full so than you can act directly to reduce your ecological footprint. For example, if your email inbox has more than 500 emails, You will be advised to sort them out in order to refresh and save hard disk space to reduce pollution. Ecomail will invite you too to empty your recycled bin when it is full in order to free more space available to reduce the energy cost and lower the impact on the environment. You are also invited to joint the community, you can vote for the projects that Ecomail could support, you can take part in the discussions about different issues and news reports. You can also exchange ideas about good actions and practices. You can be an actor of the green IT!

Roundcube to access your emails

We have integrated to our front system the webmail Roundcube. Roundcube is an Open Source system with an easy and dynamic interface. You have all the necessary tools to manage your emails : write an email, draft, move, delete, files, sign, policy, group of contacts..etc

If you happen to prefer Rainloop, this is not a problem we can put that in place for you.

Webmail Roundcube


Notifications of the Ecomail mailbox


Notifications will appear on your screen to help your mailbox to become greener

We have added to the interface some notifications and alerts to help you use your email inbox more environmental friendly. You will get reminders to delete emails or when the recycled bin is full. We need to start being more environmentally aware when using our email boxes. Because the big internet service providers have been offering for too long more and more mail storage space, we are not used to delete any mails, even the unwanted ones.