The Project








The idea

By Nathan Herbert

The concept of Ecomail is born after a discussion about IT pollution worldwide. Indeed, to make Internet work, millions of machines needs to be connected to others machines via billions of networks (switch, routeurs ..etc). All of these machines consume energy and generate heat. This energy is produced by power stations, and in France they are mainly nuclear plant. This energy production generate immediate and long term pollution. But Internet is just expanding. Web hosts have a strong growth, the needs in machines and energy can therefore only increase. Today everyone has an email address and this it too often operated and hosted by servers outside France. The distance between the customer post (You) and the server hosting your email inbox generates pollution. In order to transit on the network your datas go through hundred of relays before arriving to destination. These relays must always be more powerful and consume always more energy. Are we aware of all this when using our usual email inbox? We are convinced that it is not possible for the moment to be environmentally friendly when using internet. Numerous hosts will praise their environmental values but stop being naive! Without exception, none of them are green. Ecology values represent a big part of the market which is more and more important, and companies will be stupid not to try to take any part in it without promoting those values even though they do not exist in their DNA. This is only a commercial asset and nothing else.

Why Ecomail ?

We will not tell you that your @ecomail emails are ecological. We will not tell you either that the servers operate with green energy and that the generated heat is used to heat the public pool. We will not say that storing your emails is good for the planet. No, we will not tell you all of this. Our email service is just ordinary but 50% of the revenues generated by the sales are re-used for marketing, development and ecological projets in favor of the environment, biodiversity, respect and protection of the living. Ecomail costs 12€ per year. If 1000 of us are using Ecomail and pay 12€, we can then collect 6000€ (50% of 12.000€) to donate and fund projects in favor of the environment. The rest is used for the operating and salaries costs and to develop other projects in favour of Ecology. Ecomail does not publish any advertising on your email interface. Unlike the web giants we do not offer a free service which is in reality financed by the sale of your datas and web browsing. When you choose Ecomail, your mail inbox is not only reliable but you can financially support environmental projects instead of helping big foreign companies to get even richer.

How to support us ?

Without you, the project does not exist. But rest assured it is possible to support us. Our goal, as you know, is to put IT at the service of the environment. It is often the contrary, our planet is in fact impacted by the increase of technologies and mainly by the energy which is produced. Our environment is actually put under pressure by the increasing use of IT. With Ecomail you can balance the use of your mail inbox by taking part in our adventure.

To support Ecomail project, there are many alternatives:

  •  Using our service can be one of the solutions : change you email inbox for Ecomail. If you wish to synchronise your existing emails with Ecomail, do not hesitate to contact us we can put this in place. Using Ecomail will give us the means to act for the environment.
  •  Talk about us around you : word of mouth is the best way to develop our project and to have an impact on environment via the actions that we can put in place. The more people will use Ecomail, the more we will be able to support organisations already in place.
  •  Renew your Ecomail subscription at 12€ per year all tax inclusive. 50% of the revenues are used to make good actions and the other 50% are used to pay the operating costs. If you wish also to advertise Ecomail on your site, please do not hesitate to contact us at this address