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Our mission

Putting IT to the service of Ecology.

Ecomail's purpose is to offer an email service to raise funds to invest in a total transparency in various projects for the environment. 50% of Ecomail's revenues are used to fund concrete actions in Environment, to make donations to associations and to develop Ecology in France.

Supporting environmental organisations

50% of Ecomail's receipts are redistributed to associations working in favour of Environment.
14120€ Of funds received

To raise awareness to IT pollution

Ecomail interface raises users awareness to IT pollution day after day.

here and now!

We are regularly raising funds for associations acting in favour of our planet.

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Our next donation

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  • Raised: 785.69€
  • Purpose: 1000€

Nous souhaitons réaliser un don à l'association Zéro Déchet Touraine.

Our team

You, and us. More 2493 worldwide users

Nathan Herbert

IT project manager,developper and system administrator. I manage the back office and the development of Ecomail.

Clio Herbert
Community Manager

Post graduate in environmental studies, I am in charge of the external relations with eco actors and social networks.

Ecomail et le Colibri
You !
You are 2493

We could not fulfill our missions without our users. You are 2493 Put you trust in Ecomail and take part in the project.

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Create an Ecomail mailbox

The first 30 days subscription is free then it will cost 12 euros per year. 50% of the revenues are donated to associations or redistributed into actions in favour of environment..

Why paying for an email box?

Most of web giants offer free emails services. In reality this is not free. Your datas are used to generate revenues mainly through advertising. Ecomail offers a private email inbox, which is hosted in France, without any advertising and any profit. The objective of Ecomail is to raise funds while providing you with a reliable service, to make donations for the development of Ecology in our beautiful country. Everyone has a personal or professional mailbox, why not make a good action while using your email?


In a few words : IT serves Ecology

Actions committed to the environment
IT at the service of ecology

IT and Ecology have often nothing to do with each other. IT uses high energy and all our IT tools are extreme polluters. Our wish is to reconcile those two worlds by using the revenues generated by our service to promote Ecology and have a direct impact on our planet and ecosystems. Most of the web companies will praise their ecological values but seriously let's be realistic here! Let's face it Ecology and IT are not compatible. IT uses a phenomenal amount of energy, generates significant heat and uses non recyclable components. One of the solutions to act for the environment via the computing tool is to use the service of Ecomail who will reinvest the revenues generated into ecological projects. There is also others services such as Ecosia who reinvest their business revenues to plant trees.

Has Ecomail already made some donations?

Yes ! We are very happy to have succeeded 8060€ to make donations to organisations acting on the ground. Our first two donations were made to Sea Sheperd and Ferus.

How much does Ecomail email inbox cost ?

It costs 12 euros all tax inclusive, per year. 2 euros are paid back to the State for V.A.T. 5 euros are donated to associations being committed to the environment and 5€ are used to pay the operating costs, operation of the IT system, back office, computers and energy...

Where are Ecomail servers hosted?

The servers that are required for Ecomail operating activities are hosted by the company Online.net (ILLIAD) in a french datacenter (Paris), using 100% renewable energy. We do have currently 3 machines : 1 main server, 1 backup server which is synchronized to the main one, and 1 backup server.

Besides donations, do you accomplish any other actions?

We try to act on very different points. Our main action is to support financially, via the donations, different associations acting on the ground. Then, we do also try on a daily basis to make our users aware of IT pollution. We have for that, created a unique web interface that alerts the user when storing too many emails. The user is invited to sort its inbox out and keep what is essentially needed. Our objective is to inform our users that for every mail stored on computer it induces pollution. In the future, we would like to fund a Ecomail hive and why not, others initiatives around energy, biodiversity and environmental education.


We tell you everything.

Why choose Ecomail?
So if I use Ecomail, I make a good action in favour of the environment?

Of course, if you do already appreciate ecological values, you needn't wait for us to make good actions (donations to organizations,climate change actions…). Using Ecomail Inbox will allow you in return to act in favor of the environment!

How does ecomail mailbox work?

Ecomail inboxes have 5GB of disk space. They are hosted on Cloud servers in France with hard drives allowing that your email inbox is highly available. You can send and receive attachments with 50 mo max available.

What does the ecomail interface look like?

We use webmail Open Source Roundcube. On the top of this, we have added an other interface "Made in Ecomail" with different community functionalities. Our wish is to create an Ecomail community and above all to be transparent with you. You can find on the interface stats and accounts. All the revenues that Ecomail makes is stated as well as expenses and funds donated.

How can I be sure that Ecomail donates and takes part in environmental projects?

We make sure that we are transparent at all times. This means that we inform our users in real time about the revenues that we generate. Every action that we make is described on the \ Our actions\ of the site, and sometimes we make video which can also be posted on Youtube and WeTube (the latter is an interesting concept which can be used to reduce the ecological footprint of a video). We send also an information letter for every action that we make. And at last, we can bring proof of the donations that we make if it is asked and if what has been published on the site is not sufficient enough.